CABBA (Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association) is a not for profit organisation, CABBA formed to support local businesses and strengthen economic ties between Cambodia and Bangladesh.

CABBA aims to:


This association is called the “Cambodia-Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)  and operates for the following purposes.

(1)          Endeavor to improve access for Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) business to the Cambodia and Bangladesh market;

(2)          Provide services to Members and non-Members relating to economic, legal, technical, financial, market and other business issues in the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) and Cambodia and industry specific information to investors;

(3)          Facilitate the creation of strategic alliances between small and medium size companies of Cambodia -Bangladesh  .

(4)          To promote mutual exchange and friendship among members.

(5)          To provide a place for information exchange for members to develop their commercial and industrial activities.

(6)          The Society does not engage in any political or religious activities.

(7)          Consult & lobby with government on key issues related to doing business in Cambodia;

(8)          Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)  Cambodia Committees and staff prepare studies, working papers, initiatives and suggestions for regulations to improve government & business relations and conditions of doing business in Cambodia;

(9)          Promote a strong Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) business identity vis-à-vis the Cambodian and Bangladeshi business community;

(10)     Promote strong ties with the Delegation of the Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA)

(11)     The Cambodia-Bangladesh Business Association(CABBA)  is a non-for-profit association that focuses on Bangladeshi and Cambodian companies wishing to establish commercial or industrial links with Cambodia,Bangladeshi companies or their representative offices already established in Cambodia and ASEAN, or  SAARC and Cambodian firms wanting to develop their activities in the Cambodia and Bangladesh Market .

(12)     CABBA promotes excellence, culture, and bilateral trade between Bangladesh    and Cambodia. It provides information and support to companies in international trade, general consultations, referrals, import and export data, workshops, market research, trade fairs and trade delegations, interpreting, trade mark registration, in parallel to the services provided by CABBA.

(13)     CABBA is built on the support of many who are passionate about Cambodia .Cambodia-Bangladesh  Business Association(CABBA) connections— through personal, business and cultural interests—and our aim is to build and grow these connections through shared support and networks.


Cambodia and Bangladesh have entered into 11 cooperation deals during the official visit by Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh H.E. Ms. Sheikh Hasina to Cambodia on Dec. 3-5, 2017.

Promote, protect and strengthen bi-lateral trade and commerce between Bangladesh and the UK and also with the European Community.

Attract, pursue, and retain a membership that reflects the UK's, Europe’s and Bangladesh’s evolving and diversified business community.

Maintain close ties between British Chamber of Commerce and related government ministry in Bangladesh.

Board of Directors


Mr. Mat Fasy



Mr Somrong Sovannara



Mr Mohammad Al-Jabir

General Secretary


Mrs. Matt Ismak

Administration & Planning Secretary


Mr. Tuon Hay

Finance & Commerce Secretary


Mrs Mst.Ashraful Anowara


Mr. Shahinur Islam

Secretary Of Labor & Manpower Affairs

Executive Board Members

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